The gospel calls me to find a way to see Donald Trump’s humanity and to model that seeing for my children.

#MeToo & What’s Next?

I’ve been sitting uneasily with the #MeToo movement.  I believe in calling out sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual misconduct.  Indeed, my spirit needs us to do so.  But #MeToo doesn’t leave enough room for me to operate as an agent.  To be sure, I have been victim.  I’m not sure I know an adult…

Doing the Risky Thing

In lieu of a blog post, enjoy this sermon from last Sunday and wish me luck surviving finals week on campus.

Is Grace Cheap for Powerful Men?

Dr. James Dobson, a leader in evangelical Christianity, wrote an open letter and gave interviews in June 2016 endorsing Donald Trump for President.  In them, he referred to Donald Trump as a “baby Christian.”  Someone new to Christianity, having very recently been born again.  He explained that while Trump didn’t speak like a Christian or…

Little Poisonous Bites

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I can’t help notice how many people are outraged at football players today.   President Trump suggested that those who kneel during the national anthem ought to lose their jobs.  Beyond being an endorsement of censorship from the man who is charged with protecting our constitutional free speech…